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"Tango is a sad thought that is danced."
[Enrique Santos Discepolo, poet, journalist & philosopher]

“The tango can be debated, and we have debates over it,
but it still encloses, as does all that which is truthful, a secret.”

[Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine writer]

"The tango is a man and woman in search of each other.
It is a search for an embrace, a way to be together."

[Juan Carlos Copes, tango dancer & choreographer]

"Tango is moving through space and time simultaneously with another human being
and in that instant you know what the angels feel as they move through the universe.

Study shows Argentine tango has therapeutic effects on Parkinson’s disease sufferers!



 Single class $20 or six for $100 or ten for $150
No pre-registration, no contracts, no partner required.

Private classes are available for all dances & levels.

(We also offer a wide variety of non-tango classes!    to see what we have!)



ANGEL ECHEVERRIA  grew up dancing tango in the crowded clubs of Buenos Aires. As a teenager, he was taken under the wing of the old milongueros.  His distinctive   style carries all the hallmarks of the authentic tanguero -- extraordinary musicality, a subtle lead and classic foot work.   These qualities, plus five decades of dancing experience, make Angel an unparalleled teacher whose joy in teaching and whose love  of the Tango infuse every class.

JULIE FRIEDGEN has been dancing tango for fourteen years and has been Angel's partner for eleven years.  A former ballet and flamenco dancer, she appreciates the importance of solid technique as the foundation upon which a dancer creates personal style and artistic expression.   She brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to every class and finds her greatest reward in the moment when a student's eyes light up as "they get it".

Besides teaching the dance Angel and Julie also instruct their students in the codes of the Tango and the milongas and relish sharing tango history and stories. Their students become close so every Thursday class is a reunion of friends.

Angel and Julie, co-owners of The Tango Room Dance Center, welcome all students to class with a smile and un abrazo!


Single class $20 or six for $100 or ten for $150


High Beginner/Intermediate 8:00 - 9:00 PM  Fundamental steps and combinations with emphasis on the correct technique.

Practice & Warm-up  8:30 - 9:30 PM  Beginners can practice what they have just learned. Intermediates and Advanced can warm-up.

Intermediate & Advanced  9:00 - 10:00 PM - Midnight At the beginning of every month a combination of classic tango figures is presented to the students.   Each week for the rest of the month the combination is worked on step by step focusing on the techniques needed to execute the steps easily, with emphasis on partner connection.  By the end of the month, students can execute the combination on the social floor with confidence, fluidity and  musicality and, subsequently, integrate all combinations into their repertoire with their own style.

Potluck Practica 10:00 PM - Midnight

Angel & Julie at the 2011 Santa Monica International Tango Holiday
(Dance Begins 3:30 into the Video)



Angel & Julie with Tomas Galvan & Gimena Herrera at El Encuentro


An unexpected and surprising testimony from one of our students... "Tango is a yoga. Like tantra, it is a spiritual path that hosts the union of the opposite polarities-the yin and yang. Tango tantra is a living art, as natural as nature, spontaneous, beautiful, serene or fiery, dramatic or meditative. Tango tantra calls for surrender, respect, awakened consciousness, self-love, mindfulness and an ego-less state."


Tango Classes -  single class $20 or six for $100 or ten for $150
Monthly Sunday 3-hour Tango workshop $50 per person
No pre-registration, no contracts, no partner required.

Private classes are available for all dances & levels.

(We also offer a wide variety of non-tango classes!    to see what we have!)


Beginning Tango

  • These classes cover the following fundamentals of tango.:

  • The Walk

  • The 8-count Basic Step (the foundation for all  intricate combinations to come)

  • The Embrace

  • Changing Direction and Navigating the dance floor

  • Turns

We also focus on helping you begin to develop a tango “ear”.  It is not uncommon for beginning students to say “I can’t hear the rhythm”.   And they’re right.  Unlike other Latin dances that have one particular rhythm, tango’s genius is in its layers of rhythms and melodies.  It takes time to learn how to hear them and then dance to the thousands of tangos that exist.  It is a joy to watch that moment when a beginner gets the connection between his/ her body and the music. 

Intermediate Tango

Once a student has achieved basic mastery of the fundamentals, it is our delight to welcome them into an intermediate class.  These classes cover steps (pasos) and combinations of steps, such as

  • Sacadas

  • Molinetes and Giros

  • Paradas

  • Ganchos

  • Adornos for women and men

  • Enrosques

  • Lapis

  • Boleos

  • Ochos

There is also a stronger emphasis on musicality with the goal being to help the student  identify the various orchestras and the style of tango appropriate to them.

Advanced Tango



Tango Waltz (Vals)


Tango Milonga

Milonga is the wise-cracking, joke-telling, high energy sibling of tango or its playful cousin, if you will.  Its rhythms originated in Africa and Uruguay.   

Milonga uses the same basic elements as Tango and requires a greater relaxation of legs and body. Movement is normally faster, and pauses are not made. It is rather a kind of rhythmic walking without complicated figures, with a much more "rustic" style than Tango.

There are different styles of Milonga: Milonga Lisa (Simple Milonga), in which the dancer steps on every beat of the music; and Milonga con Traspié, in which the dancer uses Traspiés or contrapasos (changes of weight from one foot to the other and back again in double time or three steps in two beats) to interpret the music. Thus, dynamics may be danced without having to run fast or without the use of much space.


Every Tuesday night from 7:30 to 8:30, there is a class for people who are new to tango.  This is a six week  introductory course to tango and is mandatory before you can move on to the Level One or Level Two Beginners classes on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Each Tuesday for six weeks, you will learn fundamental elements such as walking, the basic 8 count step, a simple turn, how to dance in close embrace, codes of social Tango  and basic musicality.

You can start any Tuesday.   At the end of your six weeks, if we feel that you need more work on these basic elements, you can repeat the class at no expense.  We want you to learn Tango and want you to feel enough confidence to join the other classes.

If Tuesday night does not fit into your schedule, we offer a once a month three-hour Sunday afternoon workshop for brand new beginners.

$20 for one class, $100 for six, $150 for ten.




Angel & Julie

The owners of the studio.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Angel Echeverria has been dancing tango for more than fifty years.  He was taken under the wings of the master milongueros who taught out of love for the dance when tango was specific to the neighborhood clubs and local dance hall, before tango shows, before videos, before tango became a business.

Angel's approach to tango is to teach you to dance from the heart, to help you make a profound connection with the music and with your partner.  He teaches the essential techniques that make steps and combinations seem effortless.

Angel and his partner, Julie offer classes that focus on bringing authenticity, precision and fluidity to your tango, as well as an emphasis on improvisation.  And Angel happily shares his repertoire of tango stories.

Julie Friedgen is a former ballet and flamenco dancer who studied with Michael Brigante, one of the most well-known teachers in Los Angeles.  Julie grew up listening to the music of Carlos Gardel and watching her parents' Argentine friends dance tango at parties. The music was always in her soul but it wasn't until over seventeen years ago that she began to study tango.

Once she began, she knew she had discovered the dance for the rest of her life. The technique she learned over the twenty years she studied dance gives her a strong foundation for the demands of tango and it is her joy to pass this on to her students.

Together she and Angel have become well-known for their distinctive "milonguero" style of tango.


Jerry & Christine Perez

With over 10 years of experience in various styles of dance as professional teachers, dancers and choreographers, Jerry and Christine shifted their focus towards Argentine Tango in 2004. Their lifelong fascination with tango propelled them to make a splash onto the national tango scene at the first ever 2007 US Tango Championships held in NYC judged by Jorge Torres, Sergio Natario and Alejandra Arrue. After taking first place, they realized this would be the beginning of their journey into an entirely new direction in their professional careers. Upon arriving back home to Miami, Florida they returned to the drawing board and dove into an investigation of this complex and mysteriously beautiful dance. Jerry and Christine felt a strong desire to develop a more comprehensive, organic, fun and straightforward approach to understanding and teaching social improvisational based tango classes. They wanted to provide what they found to be lacking in their initial search for information. Out of necessity, creativity was born. They deconstructed the long patterns they were taught by breaking them down into key elements of the dance as well as finding ways to easily improvise by finding the endless amounts of possibilities this dance offers. They are known for their infectious enthusiasm and generosity as well as their genuine interest in the development of their students.

Jerry and Christine understand the value of placing strong emphasis on improvisation, technique and etiquette for the social dance floor. They believe anyone can learn to dance and teach by the same formula they use for success...discipline, dedication, consistency and a positive attitude are key

(Social Tango Dance Parties)


Every Saturday night of the year, The Tango Room magically transforms into EL ENCUENTRO (The Encounter) ...a tango club much like you would find in Buenos Aires, Argentina. An intimate gathering place for the tango experience at its raw, hypnotic, pulsating best!

Please join us and step back into an era when people dressed up and danced close. 9:30 p.m. - until the candle lights go out.  (Admission includes a light buffet)

Well-lit parking on street and behind the building. Several nice restaurants nearby. Beautiful, medium-sized floor.  Hosted by Julie & Angel.

Every Saturday - (Even During Holidays, Inclement Weather & Other Acts of God...)
8:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Class
9:30 pm - 3 am - Milonga

Admission: *

Class & milonga $25
Milonga $15 (arriving between 9:30 and 10pm)
Milonga $18 (arriving after 10pm)

* (Reservations Strongly Suggested! We average 100 people every Saturday! We are lucky to have a full house every Saturday so in fairness to all we are creating a new policy regarding saved tables. We will gladly save your table all night if you let us know in advance you'll be arriving late or if you call and tell us you're on your way. However, if we don't hear from you, reserved tables will be released by 10:45pm. It only takes a minute to call us at (818) 981-6500. We always have the phone close at hand. Thanks so much for your cooperation. It is truly appreciated.)

And just a gentle reminder, that El Encuentro is the best Saturday night deal in town. After paying at the door, you're not pressured to buy dinner or drinks;  there's plenty of food all night long; and the doors don't close at 1am, there's dancing until you decide to leave whether it be 3am, 4am or later!  And free parking, to boot!

EL ENCUENTRO was the first milonga to open in Los Angeles with a true Buenos Aires flavor, introducing among other things; tandas (musical sets), cortinas (breaks), classes with an emphasis on tango etiquette, the first All-Night milongas and the only (and still) weekly late-night milonga. Several years later it continues to be one of the most popular gathering places for tangueros. Each and every Saturday night guests are greeted in the Argentinean style, with abrazos and besos (hugs and kisses).

For many dancers in the L.A. area, Saturday night at EL ENCUENTRO is de rigeur. Even dancers from Santa Barbara and San Diego make it a regular part of their weekend. Visiting dancers from all over the country, all over the world, repeatedly tell the hosts that El Encuentro holds its own against the best milongas in Buenos Aires and New York.

Whenever they are in town, world-renowned dancers make it a point to stop by
EL ENCUENTRO and always grace the milonga with unforgettable exhibitions.

Masters such as Fernanda & Guillermo, Chicho & Lucia, Julio & Corinna, Fabian & Carolina,
Nito & Elba, Natalia Hills, Gabriel Misse, Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes, the cast of Forever Tango…and on and on.  

Even famous tango musicians love to come by to visit, such as  Horacio Romo, etc. 
Legends such as Osvaldo Zoto and Gavito always made it a point to drop by EL ENCUENTRO.

(Photo Courtest of Eugene Maysky)

And they all come for the same reason as regulars dancers do because as one enters EL ENCUENTRO, they do indeed encounter a warm atmosphere, a bountiful buffet, great music, a great dance floor filled with wonderful dancers to watch and to dance with. In fact, everyone says that a night at EL ENCUENTRO is like a party. So, come join the party! We will be waiting for you every Saturday Night!

Some of our visitors comments:

"…As a longtime tanguero who has traveled the world over, I feel at home here".
- Pocho N., Buenos Aires

"…this is one of the two best milongas in the USA."
- Mike R., Santa Barbara

"…one of the best milongas I have been to in North America"
- Julio B., Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Congratulations. This place reminds me of tango in Montevideo and Buenos Aires"
- Ernesto M., Montevideo & Beverly Hills

"…the music here is as good if not better than in Buenos Aires. "
- Edmundo T., Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Word gets around…this is one great milonga"
- Sharuk, Boston

"A totally unexpected surprise"
- Kara Wenger, Chicago

"I love this place!"
- Pablo S., Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Always great energy and vibes here"
- Bronwen H., Montreal, Canada

"A fun and genuine place. I never miss it when I am in town"
- Loreen A., New York

"I always find interesting music and great people to dance with."
- Dave B., Montana

"It is fantastic what you have created here"
- Coco D., Paris, France

"You and Angel have created something incredible, you are the true heart of LA tango community. Besides your love for the dance and the music, your knowledge and understanding of its subtleties, and your ability to bring   the very best on the floor of the Tango room -- which in itself is an amazing combination-The Tango Room itself is a magical space."
- Guest, Dec. 2012

"Dear Julie and Angel, although we couldn't be there last Saturday night, I can imagine your beautiful space... already full of love.. going to, yet again, a new dimension! That's what happens when so much love, creativity and caring go into a room... not to mention the hard work you do... that appears effortless of your part. You and Angel are magical."
- Guest, Dec. 2012

Here's a lovely commentary from the blog of one of our guest: "El Encuentro All Night Milonga"
- Gmagni, Feb. 2016



  We're now open every day Monday through Friday from 12:00 noon to 2PM for anyone to come dance/practice/learn/share/schmooze or just hang out.  People can bring their lunches.  So for only $5,  the studio is available for two hours.  Quite a deal!!


The Preeminent Couple of Tango.

Judges/performers/teachers at ATUSA 2017

  Creators of “Corporacion Tangos”, the original Tango Team concept.


The Tango Room Dance Center

 APRIL 18 – 24, 2017



Tuesday April 18  - TANGO MIO

Saturday, April 22 – EL ENCUENTRO (class & performance)

Thursday, April 20

8:00 -9:00pm  Creating complex figures from simple figures.  Figures in close embrace.

9:00 – 10:00pm  Turning technique. Different sequences.  How to create your own sequences based on the technique of the giro.

10:00 – Midnight  Daniel & Alejandra supervise the Potluck Practica.

Thursday night prices:  $25 one class $40 for two classes & practica

Saturday, April 22

1:00 – 2:30PM  Technique of lapiz and planeos for him and her, how to apply them to the couple dance.  Different sequences with DiSarli.

2:45 – 4:15PM  Adornos for him and her, how to apply them to the dance. Adornos in pauses, ochos and turns. Different sequences

Sunday, April 23

3:00 – 4:30PM  Enrosques for him and her. Dissociation. How to apply enrosques as figures and adoronos. Different sequences to the rhythm of D'arienzo.

4:45 – 6:15PM  Boleos and patadas for him and her. Boleos and patadas applied to dance technique. Leading boleos and adornos. Different sequences.

Weekend workshop prices: $35 for one class (hour and a half)  $60 for two classes

Pre-paid Package prices for Thurs/Sat/Sun  - $150
Please register & pre-pay by using this link:

PLEASE NOTE: All classes begin with 15 minutes of exercise that applies directly to the topic of each class.  All workshops are for High Intermediate/Advanced dancers



Daniel Juarez & Alejandra Armenti are two of the most well-known and respected tango greats in the world and producers, creators, directors of the original tango team Corporacion Tangos”.  When Corporacion Tangos was first presented in 2003, the tango world was blown away by its uniqueness.  Never before had the traditional embrace and technique been wedded with contemporary dance choregraphy in such an original way.   The reputation of Corporacion Tangos quickly spread and in a short time the company was in demand around the world.  When UNESCO named The Argentine Tango as a universal heritage Daniel and Alejandra were asked to present a complete work in front of an audience of 7,000.  In 2007 they were winners of  Best Group Choreographic and again were asked to present a complete work at the end of the 2007 Campeonato Mundial. They have had many successful seasons on stage in Buenos Aires in addition to international tours around the world.  In 2013 the Government of the City of Buenos Aires gave them a tribute at the famous Luna Park Stadium for their work as choreographers and dancers and asked them to perform for more than 10,000 as part of the Mundial that year.  Although renowned for their work with Corporacion Tangos, what distinguishes Daniel and Alejandra is their mastery of social tango.  In classes they work on the discipline and technique of tango salon.  Each class demonstrates their passion for making sure students completely grasp how to apply what they are learning, and the genuine caring they have as they share their vast knowledge with their students. 

Studying with Daniel Juarez & Alejandra Armenti not only advances your tango, it inspires you and opens your eyes to all YOUR possibilities.

There are countless videos of Corporacion Tangos on youtube, but these two are very special.




To book a private with Daniel & Alejandra, please call (818) 981-6500


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